Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Luna and a Tie Me Up! Scarflette

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple weeks, I'm giving away a Luna Lovegood-style scarf. I found the pattern for it here - it's not my pattern, just my yarn choice. The thing is beautiful. I'm using a chilly blue cotton yarn, Ultra Pima, from The Yarn Mart, which happens to be one of my favorite places to spaz out. So many colors and textures!! Anyway, here are some progress shots of the frosty blue Luna Lovegood, which is currently halfway to completion:
383 chains, swirling in a catlady-made vortex

row 2

row 3

row 3 repeated twice, and photographed under a shoddy lamp so the color of the yarn looks weird.
 This completes the first half; the second half is the exact same process, mirroring across from row 1 outward. I'm excited for it.

If you want to win this magical magic, send Cogworthy's a message or write on the wall, or on one of the photos (most of these have been uploaded to the page). You don't have to post or comment or share or get Likes to be entered -- just let me know somehow, via the Cogworthy's page.

The past few days, I've set Luna aside to crochet through a quick project I had in mind. I've been seeing fall colors everywhere (they're really everywhere if you spend three seconds on Pinterest. What, you don't have a Pinterest account? I'll assume you're actually out living your life, then - good for you. No, seriously. Help! Ack!) ...... ..... I've been seeing fall colors everywhere, and it was making me itch to get into the yellow Soft Linen I got at The Yarn Mart a few weeks ago.

 I finished it last night, and - what do you know - the flax and acrylic blend is a little on the itchy side.

So I'm soaking it in some diluted fabric softener. That's a thing, right? Scratchy yarn, just throw some fabric softener at it? I'll keep you posted.

In completely unrelated news, I have a major shoe-crush on these flats. >>>

Until next time...

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