Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look Like Luna :)

This is the post to read, if you want to know how to win a scarf like Luna Lovegood's. Someone else developed the pattern, so I'd like to make sure no one gives any credit to me. Some lovely folks at uh... The Leaky Cauldron, or Craftster.. came up with it. I'm not sure who did it first. Maybe Craftster. Anyway. The link is here, in case you're interested in making one yourself.

If you're just interested in owning one someone else made, look no further than Cogworthy's.

Halfway there!
Because I'm halfway finished with making one.  To give to one of you lovely people. Here's what to do:

2. Write on the Cogworthy's wall to let me know that you want the Luna scarf.

That's about it. The other steps which involve little work on your part include:
3. Wait for the drawing.
4. If you win, I'll shoot you a message on Facebook! And we'll arrange the best way to get it to you.

Last day to enter the drawing is September 2. The drawing will be September 3, and I'll let you know that evening if you win! 

Easy peasy. 

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