Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo process

I wanted you to see the ear warmer I knitted, so I took some quick Photo Booth pics. These cream colored ones are made with 100% Peruvian wool, and lined with white fleece for extra soft, cozy and warm. The third one is made with a soft brown acrylic/wool blend yarn...that has gold sparkles in it.
Peruvian wool, short rib knit on edges 
(I took it off and my hair didn't look too jacked!)

Ear warmer #2: Peruvian wool, longer rib border than v.1
Then I wanted to show you this bad daddy, made with an acrylic/wool blend... that sparkles. But the Photo Booth shots didn't show the sparkles very well.
... sparkles? hello?

okay, seriously. You can kind of see them here, but not much

So I grabbed the Nikon.

Please note The Office art in the background.

Some sparklies?

It seemed like the Nikon got a slightly better view of the shimmer in the yarn. Of course, I could've just taken the band off my head to photograph, but .. where's the fun in that?* Nowhere.

Back to Photo Booth to document the semi-success of the lazy self-Nikon-shoot.

Nailed it.. enough to warrant a 1-thumb-up, and considering it's midnight.

These look like a series of maxi pads waiting to have mystery blue liquid poured on them to demonstrate which one has superior absorbency. For the sake of clarification, .. they are not pads.

End photo trail!
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*Relax, I'll get to a solid shoot at some point. I want it to be outdoors, in the daylight, hopefully with temperatures in more naturalNovember weather... as opposed to the current ArkansasNovember weather.

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  1. bwahahahhaha! Love the maxi pad simile!!!!! And miss you dear Holls! I'm pretty sure UA has to be similar to Romanina...in some ways...you should visit:)