Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've often heard people describe yarn as "yummy" and "delicious". I never liked for those food words to be applied to yarn, partly because I have texture issues, and partly because I have -at times- word accuracy issues. Yummy = food.. not yarn.

Last week I began a part time job at The Yarn Mart in Little Rock. I get paid on the weekends to stare at/touch/reorganize/help people find yarn. Ermahgerd. Looking at yarns with a coworker today, she described one as "yummy," and for the first time, it clicked. I got it. I think the word-categorization part of my brain loosened a little, and let yummy fall into two categories instead of just the one. I forget which yarn we were looking at, it might've been a silk/alpaca or merino/silk blend. It was a soft one.

In any event, I came home with a beautiful Rosa skein by Tahki Yarns. Here's a shot of it... the photo looks very grayscale; the yarn itself has a pale blue hue to it (though we have a nice pewter gray color in stock, as well as other neutral colors). I'd recommend coming in to the Yarn Mart yourself to check it out, if you're in Little Rock.

Now that my item-association terminology is expanding, I have much more appreciation for The Twisted Purl's yarn. She hand dyes and spins alpaca and other materials into the most beauuutifulll yarn. I'm afraid to buy any at this point, from a financial standpoint, because I think I would just stare at it, rather than actually do anything with it. Go to her shop and look at her Christmas colored yarn - magic in a handspun skein!

For now, I've gone back to knitting with this Tahki Rosa. It's going to be a cowl, or maybe a scarflette depending on how the length comes out.